Steel logistics Beyond transport.

Steel elements

As a partner to industry, neska provides full-service logistics for steel and aluminium: whether steel sheets, tubes, coils, bars, ingots or scrap, our trimodal trans-shipment is as sensitive as it is systematic. The technical equipment ensures maximum performance, so stainless steel coils up to 15 tons in weight can be expertly stowed away in containers. Diverse warehouse capacities ensure flexibility. Dry handling facilities protect goods that are sensitive to moisture.

Although our service portfolio extends beyond just trans-shipment, storage and transport. neska adds true further value to costly metal: firstly with professional material testing by qualified and certified staff for dependable final inspection of tubes, secondly by means of our cutting service for steel bars and pipes. Steel products up to a diameter of 1000 mm can be sawn precisely. No matter how heavy or how large the metal to be delivered to its destination, neska delivers just in time (or in other words: conveniently and punctually).