Bulk logistics Raw materials in any quantity.

There must be no interruption in the supply of raw materials. Steel mills, foundries, co-generation power stations and the chemical industry rely on neska and its seamless transport from coast to hinterland. It is not by chance that neska leads the way in Europe in the trans-shipment of ferro-alloys. Quality assurance is a matter of course for us.

neska organises transport to the central Duisburg terminals via barge or coastal vessel. Vast wharves and rail facilities, loading stations, mobile container ramps and special loading chutes with filter systems master every form of bulk goods. Trans-shipment takes place directly from the vessel onto the lorry or into the warehouse. The use of specialised bulk goods boxes enables unmixed storage of over 1000 types and grades of different materials.

The equipment at our locations is extensive and ideally suited for all types of bulk goods. Refractory products, minerals or alloys are processed on site. Crushing, screening, drying and packing – neska offers the entire service for bulk goods, for each grade in each packaging unit, just as the customers requires. What really counts at neska: technology, location, quality management and specialist staff. A whole load of know-how.