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Faster by barge – the strengths of neska's networking are demonstrated on the inland waterways: through trimodal trans-shipment using large capacities at central locations. Duisburg, Krefeld, Düsseldorf, Dormagen and Cologne are of course perfectly connected by our terminal sites along the Rhine corridor. The barges in our timetable are optimally loaded to ensure efficient transport costs.

Our water taxi conserves resources: empty containers are transported from one depot to another on vessels scheduled in the timetable to cover short-notice shipping company requirements for container capacity. A "taxi service" for all those who store containers in our terminals. This offers neska customers great flexibility and improvement in their stock management. These are individual solutions for the customer.

black-boxX containers

Each container transport has its own special features. That is why the black-boxX was developed to protect coking coal during transport. Since 2010, neska has used it to transport foundry coke over large distances from eastern to western Europe. For many years, neska has also successfully deployed the tarpaulin-covered blue-boxX for products that are sensitive to moisture. Even standard containers can be equipped by neska with inlets, e.g. for "flowing" goods. The best solution for each load.

Loading and unloading of standard containers adhere to neska quality: experts perform stuffing and stripping using the appropriate technology. Flammable liquid storage at neska is similarly unproblematic thanks to special hazardous goods tanks and safety devices. The containers themselves are also catered for: repair, maintenance and conversion – the entire service in dedicated workshops with state-of-the-art equipment. For neska there is always a route.

Road, rail and water complement one another: the regular rail and barge shuttle between our intermodal trans-shipment terminals ensures a smooth flow of goods. This is how neska connects the western European ports of Zeebrugge, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam (ZARA) and the northern German seaports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven with the important industrial locations in the Rhine-Ruhr region.

For every destination: lorries take the containers from the network of terminals directly to the customer, quickly and reliably, just as the goods are required. Standardised processes improve delivery security. Optimised design of the entire transport chain also helps protect the environment. Good for everyone.

It always comes down to the content, especially in the case of containers. We ensure that everything arrives in perfect condition and on time – even with sensitive goods and tight deadlines. One significant factor is combined traffic: water, rail and road are combined in the case of trimodal container handling. The know-how developed by neska creates a seamless delivery chain from the sea to inland ports. Our customers' objectives are also our objectives.

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